Faithful Companions

1.) Center the only plain piece of the valance in the middle of the outside rod and hang the rod on the outside brackets; be sure to secure the outside rod firmly in place.

2.) Next, layout your two portrait pieces so they appear to be turned towards the center.  Thread the inside rod through the pockets and drape both pieces over the top of the rod hung in step 1.  Again be sure to snap this back rod into it's bracket.  The plain centered piece now serves as the back of the "pleat" behind the portraits which appear to fan open.

3.) On windows 24" -30" wide center the portrait pieces so the flaps do not opverlap by gathering extra fabric on the portions of the rod that bends into the wall.  Gathering is not necessary on windows 31-52" wide.  Simply hang the portrait pieces at the far ends of the inside rod keeping them flat,  Be sure to center the plain piece in the middle of the front rod to promote proper fanning of the "pleat".  Step back and enjoy your new Faithful Companions set.



Installation Guide

Start with a nicely pressed 3 piece set.  We find ironing on a low setting from the back is most helpful.  Next, using any style of double rod, begin by mounting the hardware to your window.  Now identify which rod hangs closest to the window and which one sticks further into the room. The rod closest to the window we will refer to as the inside rod, the outside rod is the rod which hangs furthest into the room.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
24"-30" window
Step 3
31"-52" window